Have you ever doodled away on paper, only to realize that a pesky black marker has obscured something important? Fear not, for I bring tidings of tech magic! Did you know your iPhone can help you peer through that inky veil? Let’s dive into the secrets of how to see through a black marker on your iPhone.

First off, your iPhone might not have X-ray vision, but it does have a nifty feature: the Notes app and its handy-dandy scanning abilities. This wizardry involves taking advantage of your iPhone’s camera and the built-in scanning tools to uncover the hidden truths beneath that black marker.

Step 1: Open your Notes app. It’s that trusty app where you jot down thoughts, make lists, and doodle aimlessly.

Step 2: Create a new note or open an existing one—your choice!

Step 3: Tap the little ‘+’ icon above your keyboard. Lo and behold, a menu appears. Select “Scan Documents.”

Step 4: Position your iPhone’s camera over the paper with the black marker covering the text or image you want to reveal. Make sure it’s well-lit and that the marker isn’t too thick or heavily applied.

Step 5: Watch the magic happen! Your iPhone will use its scanning prowess to capture the document. It might give you the option to adjust the edges if needed.

Step 6: Now here’s the kicker—after the scan, you might notice something amazing. The black marker might appear semi-transparent on the scanned image, revealing the hidden content beneath it!

Voila! Your iPhone just performed a little sleight of hand, helping you see through that black marker veil. You can save the scanned document or extract the uncovered content by using the tools available within the Notes app.

Remember, this technique might not work miracles if the marker is super dark or heavily applied. It’s more like a cool trick for lighter marks that haven’t completely obscured the underlying content.